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2014 Ford Fiesta review by

2014 Ford Fiesta

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Pros: What do you like about your 2014 Ford Fiesta?
Sharp styling, good handling, great MPG.

Cons: How would you improve your 2014 Ford Fiesta?
Other than the pros, everything about this car is a con: the quality issues are STAGGERING.

2014 Ford Fiesta Review:
I genuinely loved this car when it was new. I bought a 2014 Fiesta Titanium sedan, automatic 6-speed "Powershift" transmission, with six miles on the odometer the summer of 2014. For the first three years, this car ran SPECTACULARLY and was completely trouble-free. I was thrilled to have a car that reflected all the positive reviews.

Fortunately, I purchased both the Ford extended warranty and the Ford service contract: these purchases proved wise, six years on.

Just after the standard 3-year, 36,000 mile warranty expired, I had my first major transmission issue (complete failure). This repair took a total of five (right - FIVE) attempts to address and involved reprogramming the tran, replacing clutches in the tran, getting a new mother-board for the tran, flashing and re-flashing the motherboard in the tran, new software for the tran, etc.

As of this date, I'm actually unsure the problem is truly fixed: I have no faith the car will remain running - so I never leave the city where I live.

Somewhere in the time-frame these transmission issues started, I discovered a small amount of water in the trunk. At first, I just dismissed this water as "noise" as it seemed trivial compared to the transmission issue.

That dismissal was a foolish move on my part.

Eventually, the water volume became sufficient to require a trip to the dealer: one day, loading groceries into the back seat, I noted water dripping into the cabin from the top-right of the rear windshield, trickle along the back of the rear seat, and disappear below... so I popped the trunk. I found a goodly-gallon of water in my all-weather trunk-liner (thank HEAVEN that I purchased that feature).

Heading into my third attempt to fix this problem in Summer, 2020, my dealer informed me that, if a welded seam is responsible for the leak, despite the warranty and service contract, I will have to pay.

Two prior attempts to fix this leak failed miserably.

I finally decided keeping this vehicle was a bad decision - that a car should work properly in the first six years, 45,000 miles if maintained per manufacturer specs & garaged nightly. So, I have purchased another (NOT Ford) car.

After this experience, I will never, EVER, have a Ford again: my general impression is "Ford Quality" ends at the surface paint.

#FordQuality #FiestaQuality #FixOrRepairDaily #FordSucks #FordisJunk

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