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2011 Ford Edge review by

2011 Ford Edge

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Pros: What do you like about your 2011 Ford Edge?
Reliability, ride, comfort, fuel economy, technology, features

Cons: How would you improve your 2011 Ford Edge?
Sync voice commends, headlight illumination, no navigation updates without paying at least $150

2011 Ford Edge Review:
Bought the 2011 Ford Edge SEL brand new and after 5 years, has been great! I really love this car and hope to keep it another 3 or 4 years. Currently had 92,000km and still running great! Changed the oil every 6 months and just recently changed the spark plugs. I did just add a cold air intake by K&N which really added more of a fun factor. It actually drives quieter both city and highway, and actually see a fuel economy improvement in highway driving when keeping to the speed limit. But stomp on the gas and it roars to life, also consuming a lot more fuel in the process. The main reason for deciding on the Edge, after 8 test drives, was the ride, handling, braking, comfort level,features, and value for the money. To this day, I have not found another car that offers the same value for the price, with the exception of maybe the Tuscon, but haven't driven that so can't comment. I don't know if I would buy another Edge, will have to see, so many choices available. The only beef I have is that I'm starting to see some minor rust develop on the body, even though I had it rust proofed every year. The other thing is the headlights. While the new model now has separate low beams and high beams, I have the single bulb with the annoying mechanical flap. It blocks half the light output leaving a very dim view. I did replace the bulbs with HID's which has helped a bit. The other gripe I have is with the Sync system. I either have to repeat what I want 3 or 4 times, or give up and wait to manually input what I need thru the touch screen. The fact that they now upgraded to the Sync 3 and left the rest of the Sync 2 customers behind, shows the lack of customer service. Customer service also ranks very high on my list, so might not go with a Ford next time, sorry.

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