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2010 Kia Soul review by

2010 Kia Soul

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Pros: What do you like about your 2010 Kia Soul?
Very unique and fun car! I love the exterior look of it and the surprising amount of space inside! The interior is nice as well; I have the exclaim model and the little details make the car look more high end. Iím not a tall person (5í2) but my boyfriend is 6í3 and over 250lbs and I have a 140lb mastiff that fit perfectly and comfortably inside it (huge plus). Itís deceivingly small looking on the outside; but itís roomy and will easily fit a family of 4...or a couple large dogs :) itís versatility is nice! The gas mileage is decent. The uniqueness-awesome exterior, stereo system and spacious interior of the car is what gives it ďSoulĒ.

Cons: How would you improve your 2010 Kia Soul?
The engine noise and consistent road noise while going higher speeds is annoying, itís not as fast as other vehicles Iíve owned and the trunk really could use more lighting. The seats arenít too comfortable and the material is a dog hair magnet and stains easily. Though I love the look of the interior features itís still cheaply made and easily scratched plastic. I also donít like not having armrests; the center console is too small and very hard plastic. All in all not deal breakers but it was a big change for me. This car is a good grocery getter/around town driver; unfortunately I drive long distances often so itís not too great for road trips.

2010 Kia Soul Review:
Overall I like my Kia Soul. It is what it is. Unique and fun, practical and silly. It suits my personality. I wouldnít recommend this car to anyone that needs high acceleration or spends tons of time in their car; BUT for shorter commutes itís great.

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