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2008 Acura TSX review by

2008 Acura TSX

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Pros: What do you like about your 2008 Acura TSX?
- Great handling
- Strong headlights
- Very reliable
- Good fit and finish
- Understated, handsome styling
- Smooth, eager engine
- Strong resale value

Cons: How would you improve your 2008 Acura TSX?
- More low end power
- VTEC point high up in powerband
- Weak fog lights
- Manual shift mode on automatic has backwards shift pattern
- Tan leather stains easily
- Integrated audio system makes upgrades tough
- Back seat space can be tight for taller passengers

2008 Acura TSX Review:
2008 TSX 5AT purchased February 2016 with 33,000 miles from Florida. Cross shopped with G35 and 328i, was put off by interior of G35 and reliability concerns regarding the 328i. The 8,000 miles I've put on the car so far have been a pleasure, possibly one of the best handing and well rounded cars out there.

Ride is composed and tight but never jarring except on the harshest NE roads. No wallowing or floating at highway speeds.
Body roll kept to a minimum by front swaybar. Brakes are reassuring but wear on the quicker side. Steering is well weighted and has good feel. The throttle by wire system has touchy tip in.

Headlights are terrific with great projection and sharp cutoff. Fog lights are weak and not very useful. High beams are good but are halogens. Best guess is that halogens are used since HID bulbs take some time to warm up, a negative when the high beams have to be flashed.

The engine, while lacking grunt down low, has excellent top end, although VTEC point is set too high for my liking (kicks in at 6000 rpm for a 7100 rpm redline). Engine is smooth for a large displacement 4 cylinder (twin balance shafts) and sounds good. An easy 30 hp can be found with mild bolt-ons. Engine takes premium only (due to the high compression ratio). Range has been ~350 per tank during mixed mode driving

Transmission shifts are smooth and quick. Manual mode pattern is up for upshifts, down for downshifts (opposite of a true sequential gearbox) and is responsive. Transmission will automatically downshift to prevent stalling. No experience with manual version but universally praised for smooth action.

Interior is very well appointed for an entry level luxury car. Power seats (manual lumbar adjustment). Real leather for perforated sections of the seats, synthetic (vinyl) for the sides. Seat heaters, side mirror heaters, sunroof, HID lights, fog lights, bluetooth (calls only) are all standard. Only options available were transmission and navigation. Rear seats split 60/40 and are tight for taller passengers. Trunk space is good. Tan leather shows stains from dark jeans. Some cheap feeling hard plastics but overall fit and finish are solid. Stock sound system is good but very tough to upgrade (head unit is incorporated with climate control). Bluetooth only works for calls, not music. Added a bluetooth receiver to the aux port (located inside glove box) to remedy issue.

Reliability has been great, although still early in ownership. Only issue has been 2 AC recharges due to a leak.

Overall, a very well rounded car. Terrific combination of performance and practicality. A great alternative to European competitors. Only major complains are lack of low end power and inability to upgrade the stereo system to modern standards.

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