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2006 Chrysler 300-Series review by

2006 Chrysler 300-Series

D Waterman
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Pros: What do you like about your 2006 Chrysler 300-Series?
- 5.7L Hemi
- Acceleration is amazing.
- Smooth driving
- Quiet interior
- M-B quality switches / knobs
- Boston Acoustics audio
- The looks. Classic.
- 5.7L Hemi (yes, itís that good)

Cons: How would you improve your 2006 Chrysler 300-Series?
- Vision could be better
- Trunk is a bit smaller than expected
- Headlights are not very bright
- Deceptive speed, watch the speedometer

2006 Chrysler 300-Series Review:
If you now what you are are getting, and aware, the 300, in my case the 300C, is an amazing vehicle. In a sea of vehicles that just look alike, or quite boring, the 300-Series stood out when it was introduced, and still does in many ways today. It is bold, looks chopped and ornery, and is classic in many ways.

The 2005-2010 models were blessed with the infusion of Mercedes-Benz, and the quality shows in many areas, as well as in the transmission and suspension. I have had two, 2006 models, and been pleased with each one due to the quality. My current 300 is a 2006, 300C, with the amazing 340HP 5.7: Hemi. It is fifteen years old and still drives as well as the day it was new.

Before I bought a used car of any type, including the 300C, check the previous ownerís service history. That is the key with the 300-Series, proper maintenance. With it, they will last for 150,000+ miles. Without it, they are prone to issues around 75K-100K. If buying used, choose wisely. But if you find one thatís has been taken care, you will have a car that is still quite unique against the sea of boring driving around you on the highway.

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