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2005 Acura TL review by

2005 Acura TL

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Pros: What do you like about your 2005 Acura TL?
Looks pretty sharp, rides very nice on the highway, seats are comfortable (I'm 6'1") for longer rides, not much road noise, GREAT sound system (I have the NAV package with DVD surround sound), and the MPG were actually pretty good for a V6 although I did a lot of highway driving about 60mi trip each way.

Cons: How would you improve your 2005 Acura TL?
Started with the brakes.
I bought this car with a Carfax AND Autocheck reports and this car was flawless. Right at 90k miles. The owner had taken it to the same Dealership it's entire life. Understand these reports DO NOT tell you everything. But seeing this is a big plus.
The report said the brakes were done about 1000 miles before I bought it. That didn't take long to need replacing.
Then the Navigation unit needs updating with a $100 disc to do so, and none of the local Dealerships are willing (say they "can't" do it) without the fee.
The Bluetooth ONLY links to phone calls; No music can be played.
The HandsFreeLink randomly stopped working around the 110k mark, so now the Bluetooth is basically worthless without replacing the HFL unit.
Then the Biggie.... The transmission. The previous owner had done everything on schedule AT the dealership I remind you. I went ahead and changed the ATM Fluid about 10k miles ago at another local Dealership. So, bad maintenance is not an issue at all. This car was babied.
The car now sits at a local Transmission shop needing an entire new tranny. Apparently around the 120kish mark, and during this particular design years, Honda and Acura transmissions are known for this. They go out. No notice at all. A number of reasons can cause it, but the most common is the 3rd or 4th gear assembly literally falls apart or becomes damaged. Now I'm sitting on a 8.5k car, now worth 4.5-5.5k, with a 3,600 - 4,200 transmission problem. We all know how this goes...

2005 Acura TL Review:
I really wanted to like this car. It was truly awesome when I first had it. Plus, living in Colorado, they do really well. This car is not the best for snow or bad weather conditions, but it's incredibly safe. If you have true winter tires, say some Blizzaks, you'll be fine if you don't drive like an ass.
This car is a great highway commuter. Pleasant to drive, and has the speed when you need it! But, my story is not unique if you buy these used and plan to have them well over 100k. Which is entirely possible!
I guess not mine, or the plethora of others who run into this transmission problem in both Honda and Acura cars.

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