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2195 N Henderson St, Galesburg, IL

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Review of Yemm Autos

by Dave166

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Submitted Jul 1, 2020
Yemm Autos Review:
If you live in the Galesburg area do yourself a favor and don't ever go to the Yemm dealership for a key. Hell, I wouldn't recommend going to them for anything, EVER.
So I lost my keys in then river and needed a new one to bring retrieve my vehicle. They inform me I had to get the Jeep to their dealership before they could make me a replacement key. So I fork over $200 to get it towed there. It gets there Saturday in the early morning, and it was never touched until late Monday. They decided to FINALLY make a key for it late Monday, and attempted to program it once and it failed. Due to it being late, they were about to close I was given no choice but to go home. I go home and call Yemm and left a voice mail for their service manager. I told him I thought maybe someone else should try to program it, and perhaps they would have more experience. I get a call Tuesday saying that there must be something wrong with my Jeep because the key wouldn't program. They claimed they used two different keys with chips and it wouldn't program. He continued to tell me my only option would be to let them run a diagnostic scanner for $110 bucks to figure out the issue. I told them there was absolutely no reason anything would be wrong because I had zero issues with anything before I lost my original in the river. They continued to tell me I was wrong and my only option was to fork over more money for their scan. They also claimed nobody could ever get it to work without doing a Diagnostic Scan after informing me that they had tons of experience, and absolutely knew that %100 that it was my Jeep that had the issue. I told them to hold off, and I was going to research it. Turns out they were %100 WRONG!I almost gave in and let them do the diagnostic test, but then I thought better and called a locksmith out of Peoria. I told him the situation, and he said he'll get it done. Showed up 30 min later, tried to program the key Yemm gave me, and it didn't work. So he grabs a few chip keys that he had for the Jeep brand, and holds the chip up to the ignition and attempted to program them one by one until one worked. After 2 tries he finds one that programs to perfection. He was in and out of there in 10 min. He cut the key from the back of his van, ensure it worked then left. He even cut me a spare door key for free. All much cheaper than anything Yemmn wanted to charge me overall. Also I forgot to mention, the service desk employee at Yemm at first wasn't going to let the Locksmith work on my Jeep on their property, but changed his mind when I told him I'd push the my Jeep in the middle of the road if that was the case.
So basically YEMM sold me the WRONG key for $150 dollars, couldn't figure out they gave me the wrong one, then tried to make me pay for a $110 diagnostic that would have told them they were wrong. Then after I refused their diagnostic scan they continued to tell me there was nothing they or anyone could do. Then after the Locksmith fixed it, the guy that sold me the key at Yemm wanted to tell me that their key was the right key and I was wrong. I then I go to return the key to their service dept because it was the wrong key and the guy that literally sold it to me on Monday told me he wouldn't return it unless I brought in the receipt. So I was forced to go back home and locate the receipt. I go back with the receipt and he goes back to some lady in the back, and comes back to me with a check written to my DAD. I told him that my name was David, and he wanted to argue with me about that. I said listen, I bought the Jeep from my Dad, the title is under my Name as I showed you, and you simply wrote it down wrong. He finally caves and comes back with a check for under my name. The entire experience was almost as if they wanted to scam me. They tried to manipulate me to pay more for their mistake. Did they apologize, nope? Admit mistake? Nope. They simply gave me a attitude, and seemed upset that they had to close out their ticket as if it bothered them to make it.

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