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615-625 N Highway 17-92, Longwood, FL

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Review of Orlando Kia North

by CaptMike

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Submitted Nov 11, 2016
Orlando Kia North Review:
Before you read my review I would suggest you look up the mean of the following words in Webster. ( Con, Shyster, Crook, Lie, Deceit, Bait and Switch, amongst others) I went here a few weeks ago and was convinced to buy a 2017 Kia Sportage by an Italian Sales Rep. Being Italian myself I thought I would be treated fairly. Unfortunately I am very disappointed and at 65yrs old feel this was the worst car buying experience of my life. The model I selected had 5000 miles on it and the back bumper was chipped so I expected a slight reduction in price due to the mileage. That was not the case. In fact I believe I actually paid too much for this vehicle regardless of the mileage. The salesman quoted me an out the figure of $28500. We wanted to pay cash, but the finance manager insisted we had to finance the vehicle to get the 1000 manufacturer rebate. We agreed even thought when we originally spoke to the salesman he knew we wanted to pay cash and quoted the figure based upon this information. The next step was speaking to the finance manager. He spent almost an hour looking at his computer and running back and forth to the managers office. He did not appear to know what he was doing although he said he was checking with the MVA to see if we had a Tag on file that we could use. In addition, we were given a finance rate of 6.9 percent even though our credit score was well over 700. I let that slide because I knew I was going to immediately pay it off anyway. He printed out 2 or 3 contracts, tearing each up and starting over. One of the contracts I saw had the correct bottom line figure of $28500. The final contract that he had my wife sign was including an additional charge in the amount of $400 which was apparently for the tag. I didn't notice the switch at the time but now the out the door price was $29000.00. After the signing the sales representative was suppose to demonstrate the car. He was busy and had another person take us to the car. He told us about the radio and little else. We were suppose to be told about the tire jack/spare tire and were not. We were also to be told about getting service and the service department. We were not and I still don't know know to handle getting service on the vehicle. I called the Salesmen numerous times without success. After replying to the Dealers Survey he finally called and said the Manager said to make me happy. I made a special trip to the dealer but the salesman didn't have time to talk to me. The finance manager told me my tag was in but could not find it. Again over an hour wasted while the finance person tried to figure out what to do. He finally gave us the number for Greenway and said to call them. We did and they said once it was available they would mail it to us. Until now I didn not know that Orlando Kia N was part of Greenway. I made a few more calls to the Salesman without success. Each time he said he would talk to the Manager and call me back. I never heard from him again. The entire ordeal was just that an ordeal of which was similar to what I would have expected in a Third World County or an area that caterers to the poor and uneducated. To me it is not the money but the unethical treatment I believe they using to sell cars. I would not recommend this Dealer to anyone and recommend " Buyer Beware"

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Review Orlando Kia North

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