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ReviewCars.com is an automotive research site that publishes reviews of vehicles by actual car owners and enthusiasts. Our editors read all reviews that consumers submit before they are published in the main review section.

ReviewCars.com is free to use for all car shoppers, owners and enthusiasts. We are proud and honored to serve millions of consumers who visit us to read and write reviews.

Review Writing Tip

Readers appreciate thorough reviews. No car is perfect, and even if you love your car, you may not be completely happy about every feature. If you hate your car, please do try to remember that even the worst car has something good to say about it.

The best reviews are even-toned. They capture both the pros and cons of a car.

When you write your review, we ask you to provide your name (a nickname would do) and email address.
We do not share this email address with anyone, and a valid email address will give our editors a reason to believe that you are honest and truthful about your review.
For example, if you write a really bad review about a car without providing your name and email, your review will most likely not get published in the main section.

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