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The new S-Class gets smarter assistance systems

By Edward Choi - May 3, 2017
The new S-Class gets smarter assistance systems
The new S-Class gets smarter assistance systems
Mercedes is taking a step closer to self-driving autonomous features for the new S-Class.

The new Driver Assistance Systems, not to be confused with autonomous driving, includes numerous features that help the driver.

For example, the car will automatically change the lane on a highway, when the driver turns on the lane change signal.

The system helps with steering while cruising, braking automatically, parking autonomously, etc. But the driver must pay attention when the car is moving, as Driver Assistance System does not meet the safety standards of self-driving vehicles.

Some experts argue that semi-autonomous features may be more dangerous and stressful for the drivers, since the driver does not always know when and how much to pay attention.

The features are pretty cool though.

Here are some high-level description of the new capabilities from Mercedes:
Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC, which is able to assist the driver in many situations, even on a route-specific basis and comfortably adjust the vehicle speed

Active Speed Limit Assist, which automatically adapts the vehicle's speed to identified speed limits in conjunction with COMAND Navigation

Active Steering Assist has been noticeably improved across its entire performance spectrum, resulting in markedly enhanced customer benefits

Active Lane Change Assist assists the driver in a convenient and cooperative manner when making lane changes

Active Emergency Stop Assist brakes the vehicle to a standstill in its lane if it detects that the driver is no longer actively driving the vehicle while it is on the move with Active Steering Assist engaged

Active Parking Assist The driver is also able to see at a glance which assistance functions have been selected, and which situations the systems are reacting to at the given moment. Icons for example, a steering wheel with hands on both sides give information both on the screen and in the Head Up Display. All functions can now be controlled from the new steering wheel.

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