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Rebuilding the 1917 Mitsubishi Model A

By Edward Choi - Apr 27, 2017
Rebuilding the 1917 Mitsubishi Model A
Rebuilding the 1917 Mitsubishi Model A
Commemorating its 100th year, Mitsubishi has commissioned West Coast Customs to rebuild the car that started it all - the 1917 Mitsubishi Model A.

West Coast Customs will use the Outlander Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle as the platform, and rebuild the car that introduced the three-diamond automotive brand in Japan.

More automakers, or custom builders, should put a classic body on top of the latest technological platform. If they can make it street legal, then this new breed of cars could be the coolest thing for the enthusiasts.

With 3D printing becoming more available and affordable, there may be a market for this kind of neoclassics.

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