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2011 Infiniti QX

Vehicle Overview:
Vehicle Type: Sport Utility Vehicle
ABS Brakes: Standard
Standard Airbags: 6
MPG: 14/16 (City/HWY)
Engine Offered:
5.6L V8 400HP
Consumer Ratings:
Ratings Guide:
5=Perfect; 3=Good; 1=Poor
based on 1 ratings
Consumer Verdict:
Recommended ?Consumers rated 2011 Infiniti QX in the top 39% of 2011 model year vehicles.
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Here are some reviews from other model years.
Submitted Feb 2, 2009

Guide: 5=Perfect; 3=Good; 1=Poor

Pros: What do you like about your 2008 Infiniti QX?
Smart technology that works in real time - bluetooth.
Voice control.
Rearview camera.
Auto 4x4 function.
Engine trust.
19 inch rims.
Towing capacity.
Warmed steering wheel.

Cons: How would you improve your 2008 Infiniti QX?
- Dirty water at certain speed runs over driver's side window or water from the roof runs down my side,have to wait to open the door.
- Sometimes smoother suspension - like Toyota.

2008 Infiniti QX Review:
Best full size SUV. Flying the first class. Push the black dot on the door handle, car opens up. Seat and steering wheel move. Bluetooth is on, sound system starts gently. Rearview camera comes up (no waiting) and has virtual lines and alarming sounds that you cannot miss obstacle or person walking on the parking lot. Shift the gear, drive. Comfort, luxury, warmth. SO much room around me. Calling my son, using voice command "phonebook XY" and I have very clear conversation over the built in hands free system. I don’t carry CDs. They are all stored in my hard drive. On the highway. Intelligent cruise control. So safe. Driving up hill at 65 m/h, around 1800 r/m. Engine is superb. Music is lightly louder, self adjusted to speed. At the lake. Launching a jet ski. Camera is great when connecting to trailer. Can see over bump at the ramp. From my seat opening rear gate - see everything now. There is a plane on my screen (camera looks at the sky).
Tried Mercedes GL, Q7, BMW X5, Land cruiser. Very good cars, smooth ride, but there are details where QX is surpassing each and every one of them.
Gas mileage - 5500 lbs, pay the price. This is not the car for everyone...

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Submitted Jun 17, 2011

Guide: 5=Perfect; 3=Good; 1=Poor

Pros: What do you like about your 2010 Infiniti QX?
It's big, has good pickup & a decent ride.

Cons: How would you improve your 2010 Infiniti QX?
Get rid of the infinite rattles & squeaks.
Improve the styling.
Make the interior more ergonomic.

2010 Infiniti QX Review:
I like having a big SUV and the 2010 QX56 seemed a good deal when I bought it because Infiniti was bringing out a new model in 2011 & priced it to sell. I'll never own another one. My car is a year old with less than 9000 miles. It has been in the shop once for scheduled service & 12 times to fix squeaks, rattles and other workmanship related issues. We owned a Lexus LX before and there is no comparison. The Infiniti is a big bundle of junk on 4 wheels. Too bad.

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Submitted Jan 6, 2009

Guide: 5=Perfect; 3=Good; 1=Poor

Pros: What do you like about your 2008 Infiniti QX?
I like the engine, comfort, navigation & design!

Cons: How would you improve your 2008 Infiniti QX?
Needs much more attention given to squeaky seats, creeking noises in the rear. Most of all the suspention handles terribly when confronted with pot holes and freeway abnormalities. The truck literaly jumps to the outside if going through a turn in the afformentioned situations! Seems to have potetial for creating a dangerous situation!

2008 Infiniti QX Review:
The concept is fabulous but needs some serious reality checks!

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5=Perfect; 3=Good; 1=Poor

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