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2012 Honda Accord review by fjolnir

2012 Honda Accord

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Pros: What do you like about your 2012 Honda Accord?
It was cheap

Cons: How would you improve your 2012 Honda Accord?
I had issues with my 2008 cloth seats and Honda had to replace them twice so I decided to upgrade to Leather seats with the 2012 SE model. The drivers seat is absolute torture. After 7 months and many conversations with Honda Corporate and management, it is obvious that Honda refuses to accept responsibility for poor quality seats. Each day I drive this car, and I only drive 10 miles to get to work, it feels as if I am being stabbed in the back.... literally. There are many complaints on the internet that speak of this issue and it is due to the "active headrest" safety feature. Regardless of the headrest issue, the seats are just poorly designed. Unfortunately, there is no tilt on these seats either and they are angled upwards as if you were looking at the stars. People report selling the car at a large financial loss instead of having to ensure the torture of driving a Honda Accord.

Poor quality interior. After 3 months, the windows and interior started rattling. 3 months later, the rattling is worse.

Hondas response to me on these issues was to "check out the 2013 Accord". II did sit in the 2013 Accord and it was still very uncomfortable.

2012 Honda Accord Review:

I would not recommend this vehicle to anyone and regret my purchase. AVOID THE ACCORD AT ALL COSTS.

If you enjoy the feeling of being stabbed in the back, then the Honda Accord is the right car for you!


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