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2009 Honda Accord review by Drew_cook

2009 Honda Accord

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Pros: What do you like about your 2009 Honda Accord?
Interior and exterior styling are best ever for this car.
The audio input is nice.
The 190hp four is good but I can tell I should have bought the six cylinder.

Cons: How would you improve your 2009 Honda Accord?
Better sound dampening as there is too much road noise.
The rattles from the front driver's side door and the back deck covering the speakers and the trunk are not what I was expecting from a Honda in 2009.

I may not buy another Honda if these things can't be fixed.

Also have a problem with the dash swelling in the middle at the top by the windshield. It's going to the shop for all the interior issues tonight. I hope they can fix them.

2009 Honda Accord Review:
Good car but with the quality issues from the interior I would definitely agree with other people that Honda is taking advantage of years being ranked high in quality and reliability to cut corners in building slightly lower quality cars.

I'm still happy with my car but at times I'm really disappointed with the rattles, fit and finish. I ask Honda to do better or I'll buy a Sonata with my money next time.

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