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2009 Honda Accord review by Jay202

2009 Honda Accord

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Pros: What do you like about your 2009 Honda Accord?
I have a LX-P model and I love the exterior style.
Very nice handling.

Cons: How would you improve your 2009 Honda Accord?
Couple things:

1- Seats are really uncomfortable. My suggestion is before planing to buy an accord make a contract with a chiropractor.

2- Wind Noise & Engine Noise. The noise is killing me. You can't even talk to someone in your car when you driving down the highway. It's like one of the windows is open and all the wind noise comes inside the car. Even when you driving very slow steel you hearing the engine noise very loud. Basically this is the only sedan that I drove so far that makes sound like truck inside the cabin.

3- Air comes inside the car. I don't know it's my car issue or all the Accords are like this but when I drive my car in cold weather all cold air comes inside the car from the dashboard and specially around the string wheel. God my hands freezing.

4- Noise from every corner of the car. Specially from the center console around the shift knob and from the doors. Every morning I hear a new noise in my car. I took my car to the dealer and before anything they asked me what kind of car did you drive before this car? and when I answered why they told me because this noise are normal in Honda. NORMAL IN HONDA!!!!! NORMAL, I couldn't believe it.

2009 Honda Accord Review:
I know and I think everybody believes nothing is perfect. Even when you buy a very luxury car you can find some issue on it. Because everybody is different with different taste. But also I know some times fixing small things can make huge differences. In my case if I had choice I would definitely return my car and get my money back.

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