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2008 Toyota Yaris review by Jeff Bates

2008 Toyota Yaris

Jeff Bates
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Pros: What do you like about your 2008 Toyota Yaris?
I think it has a lot of zip for a small car.
Not a bad stereo for this type of car.

Cons: How would you improve your 2008 Toyota Yaris?
Get rid of it, never buy a Toyota again, and spread the word to everyone I can.

2008 Toyota Yaris Review:
Let me start with I was looking to buy a new small commuter car in 2008. I bought a 2008 4 door Yaris with power package. Where should I start. The drivers side rug hook broke 3 times and finally I was told they did not know how to fix it. Then my A/C recirc knob was stuck. When I went in I was told by the dealer that if involved a plastic part it was not included in the extended 100,000 mile warranty I purchased. I informed them that this plastic knob was a part of the A/C system for its function so it had to be fixed. I had to call a complaint line to get it fixed. I also noticed immediately that the rear drum/e-brake made a clunk sound when you went in reverse. I was told this is normal. I work in an automotive assembly plant and know a lot of things about cars. I then noticed the ABS pump would cycle on and off for no reason. I was told this was normal. Oh by the way I no longer have anti-lock brakes. I had two serious accidents and a near one near miss on slick surfaces due to the lack of the anti-lock brakes. At 40,000 the alternator went out. At 50,000 the water pump went out. Now for the good old AC system again. I can not get the AC to circulate (knobs were OK). Took it to the dealer and was told the cable inside the AC had snapped, major repair. It then did the exact same thing 6 months later. Here is the insult to injury. Before I took my car into the dealer, I cleaned and detailed the inside like you would not believe. My car was a bit messy so I was embarrassed. I washed and vacuumed every square inch of that car. The AC cable require a removal of the instrument panel. When I get my car back the lower trim inside just below the glove box was cracked. I complained and was told that is what the technician already found before his repair. What are you going to do? The fuel gauge no longer works. At about 1/4 of a tank you run, I know. Then the kick panel as you come in the drivers door came off and the drivers side A pillar cover came off.
As far as design; are you kidding me? They put hard unforgiving seats that was made to be a commuter type car. And why and the heck would you put the drink holder right in from of the vent on each side of the instrument panel. If I drink coffee in the summer I cools very nicely if I run the air conditioner. If I drink a soda in the winter it becomes very warm. And am at 123,000 and just placed the starter. DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE.

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