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2008 Toyota Yaris review by R297

2008 Toyota Yaris

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Pros: What do you like about your 2008 Toyota Yaris?
Awesome gas mileage.
Great price.
Comfortable even if you're fairly tall.
Smooth ride.
Great in snow.
Nice handling.
A perfect commuter and small family car!

Cons: How would you improve your 2008 Toyota Yaris?
I would have preferred to be able to get side curtain airbags and ABS even though I did not want power windows and locks (I am awful about locking myself out of the car while it's running so I hate power locks.) But I can live without the ABS so I still love this car.

The only other thing that's not perfect is that on the interstate you can hear more outside noise than I like but it's not too bad- just not total silence.

2008 Toyota Yaris Review:
I do A LOT of driving and I absolutely love this car. It's roomy and comfortable, and it still gets the absolute best mileage in it's class.

You also get a lot for the price, which is good because I put so many miles on cars that I can't keep them forever so it's nice to have a reliable car that isn't a huge investment.

It's a nice looking car and seems to be very sturdy. I've had it for two years and have put 200k miles on it and have not had a single issue, not even any rust which is surprising with all the salt on the roads. It even drives very well in snow and other unpleasant conditions.

By the way, to the person whose car spun around- Get off your phone and pay attention to the road! Then you won't have any issues.

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