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2007 Jeep Patriot review by Steve_Mickelson

2007 Jeep Patriot

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Pros: What do you like about your 2007 Jeep Patriot?
First saw Patriot at 2007 Toronto Auto Show (Courtesy GM) impressed by head and leg room roominess, front and rear. Purchased showroom Jeep Limited Model May 2007 and have driven 78K with no major problems.
Still original Firestone OWL tires and brakes.
4x4 travels deepest winter snowstorms in south central Ontario. 2.4 litre (with factory trailer hitch - will pull up to 2,000lb) handles my 14 ft. 1500lb hard top tent trailer pulled twice a year for camping up North (using clamp-on extended mirrors).
Boston acoustic sound with satellite a joy, especially up north.
Leather heated seats great.
Classic Jeep design now carried over to other Jeep models.
No problems with power sunroof on this showroom model.
Only small SUV with real truck door hinges compared to other small SUV makes.
Solidly designed and assembled vehicle.
CUV drive train is sealed maintenance free for over 100K.
Good fuel economy, especially at 1100 RPM or below.
Driver lumber leather heated (front) seats that fold flat, including front passenger seat nice touches. Driver seat height adjustment helps driving beside step grades.
Tire pressure, fuel mileage, double trip odometer, time elapsed, directional compass, steering wheel radio controls, cruise, alarm and thermometer displays standard with the Limited Patriot are nice touches and make driving a pleasure.

Cons: How would you improve your 2007 Jeep Patriot?
Make heated rear seats available, as they are great on the front.
Added small convex spots to side view mirrors to cover blind spots.
Relocate center-mount rear cup holder which forces middle passenger to straddle holder.
Make high beam headlight selector less sensitive as slight pull on the signal direction control may cause you to go high as you select your turn.
Offer diesel option which is available on the UK version Patriot.
Security blind for rear storage had handle break off from blind. Replaced first on warranty. Repaired second time myself by drilling through handle and securing clamshell plastic pull handle with small machine screws and nuts.
Replace rechargeable dome/flashlight with Lithium Ion batteries in place of NICAD's currently used.

2007 Jeep Patriot Review:
Even though a few minor cons, I have previously owned both GM and Ford vehicles for over 22 years, I consider the Patriot to be the best vehicle I've ever owned. Even though I purchased extended bumper to bumper warranty for 5 year - 100K, after over 3 years and 78K the Jeeps has had no major problems. The 4x4 warranty requires that oil be changed every 5K, and rotate tires every 10K which may account for the even tire wear on the original Firestone factory touring tires. CVT transmission not only gives better mileage, but combined with Traction Control you can feel the wheels grab the road on wet or snow covered surfaces. Engine and chassis have been proven on the Dodge Caliber and Compass. Reliability and price make it the best 4x4 in its class on the market. The 2.4L 4 is OK. Would like to see the diesel option in North America. Perhaps the speed freak crazies would like the 400HP Turbo 2.4L option offered with the Caliber SXT, but if you want that why buy a jeep? With the break from Daimler and now merger with Fiat, I hope Chrysler will continue the Jeep Patriot. Submitted June 5, 2011 three years and a month ownership, having driven 78,000Km on both highway and city roads.

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