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2005 Honda S2000 review by donniory

2005 Honda S2000

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Pros: What do you like about your 2005 Honda S2000?
She is a sexy little dragonfly! Ours is light blue... Fast and unafraid, she zips into curves and purrs on through....there is very little distance between driver and road. So much better than our motorcycle for highway communications! And you don't have to don gear! Every once in a while, the aeleration is so powerful that my passenger notices a tug at their neck, but advised to put their head back and enjoy the ride, all complaints fade! Visibility with the top down is fantastic and the wind guard ensures our caps stay on. The stereo sounds fab and the alternative controls are placed well...
It is difficult to comply with speed limit signs since she loves to engage fully!

Cons: How would you improve your 2005 Honda S2000?
Visibility with the top on is limited...

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