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Police Interceptor Is "Fringe" Business

By Edward Choi - Nov 8, 2010
Police Interceptor Is "Fringe" Business
Police Car Battle Heats Up on "Fringe"

Back when the TV show "Fringe" started, betting on a big corporate sponsorship seemed like a risky move. The economy was tanking, and the US auto industry's future looked bleak.

Ford took on that risk, and it started to pay off.

Perhaps it was not so much of a risk, since J.J. Abrams was behind "Fringe", and he seemed to have the magic touch of success.

Tonight's "Fringe" episode clearly featured the new Taurus as a police car. Almost shamelessly, the camera zoomed in on the name "Taurus", as it started to pursue a Dodge-looking car.

Needless to say, the bad guy's car couldn't take the high speed chase.

Police car business is huge. It is especially important for Ford, because they own pretty much two thirds of it.

The Detroit three are pushing three new models to capture the police interceptor business, and Ford has the most at risk, because the much beloved and familiar Crown Victoria is being discontinued.

The chase scene from "Fringe" seemed believable, and Taurus seemed like a nice and solid car to be chasing the bad guys.

It is almost certain that Ford's field reps already have the chase scene from tonight's episode to play for the law enforcement decision makers.

May the best police car win.

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