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Consumer's Choice: Best Picks

2013 Honda Accord

2013 Honda Accord
Consumers rated the 2013 Honda Accord as one of the top 20 favorites among the 2013 model year vehicles.

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Volvo Concept Coupé

Volvo revealed the first of three concept vehicles based on the company's new Scalable Product Architecture (SPA). Since 2008, with Volvo's new...
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2008 Acura TSX
2008 Acura TSX - "Anyone who thinks they need more power than the 2.4 liter four needs to learn to drive! It's a Honda, let it run! This was a slightly mature replacement for my 1994 GS-R Integra. Beautiful and sophisticated when I need to take the family to the dinner theater, but fun and thrilling enough to...."
- By Fringineer - 2008 Acura TSX review »
2007 Jaguar XK
2007 Jaguar XK - "Bought a used 2007 XK coupe and have now had it for 18 months. Previously had a 1995 Jaguar XJ6. I could drive my XJ6 all day with no fatigue, ditto for my Volvo XC70. My XK has the optional 16-way seats but after driving for two hours I have a very sore posterior and just have to get out. ...."
- By Roger Bradley - 2007 Jaguar XK review »
2007 Pontiac Torrent
2007 Pontiac Torrent - "I bought a used vehicle in the late summer, thought it was great until I had to adjust the driver's seat from my driving position to my husband's driving position. I had to open the door to adjust settings. Maybe put memory for seat settings in instrument control panels so you can set individual...."
- By E_Abbey - 2007 Pontiac Torrent review »
2013 Volkswagen Eos
2013 Volkswagen Eos - "Overall, I love my car and have thought of keeping it since I have experienced no mechanical problems at all and I have never experienced such a great ride in any car I have driven or ridden in lately. Any squeaks people refer too is logical considering the hard top seals need proper care and...."
- By Thomas Zervas - 2013 Volkswagen Eos review »
2006 Pontiac Grand Prix
2006 Pontiac Grand Prix - "Awesome used car to buy. Great for single person or a family. These cars are known to go well past 200,000 miles. I've seen them for sale with 250,000 miles on them. So don't be afraid of high mileage. I like the size of the car. It looks big. I park it next to my neighbors Cadillac and it's...."
- By GPguy - 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix review »
2013 Kia Soul
2013 Kia Soul - "The Volkswagon was first conceived to get "the peoples car", a vehicle that would meet the needs of most common folks! The First Fords...Model A and Model T were conceived by Henry Ford to be his view of the peoples car...reliable, simple and cheap! It was wildly successful. The Soul is a...."
- By Disney_Guy - 2013 Kia Soul review »
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